Heading Home and a Face-lift for the Blog

The last great sunset of our adventure

Well although it is not yet reflected in this blog, we are now on our way home. Our flight leaves Buenos Aires around 9pm tonight and after a brief stop in Madrid we should be arriving home in the early evening tomorrow.

After a bike ride around Montevideo
After a bike ride around Montevideo


Thanks to extending our trip by nearly a month we’ve been able to enjoy 205 days away from home, and although it hasn’t all been easy we’ve been lucky that we’ve been safe throughout and have met some incredible people. From the many people we met and spent days or evenings with to the people we met by chance and ended up travelling and becoming great friends with. It has been an incredible experience for both of us and I’m sure that we’ll want to put up a few articles of reflection once we’re home and have had time to think about it all. I’ve put an interactive Google Map below showing everywhere that we’ve been in our 7 months. If you zoom in you’ll find over 300 places that we’ve marked during our travels!

In the meantime however we have only published the blog up to late January so there are still just over two months of updates to publish. They are nearly all written and, although we’ll have other priorities once we get home, you’ll see them trickle out over the next month or so. Just to give you a quick taste of what’s coming here’s a few of the highlights:

Patagonian Road Trip – where we drive over 4000km through Chile and Argentina, where we gain a travel companion, explore the
beautiful natural environment of the Patagonian wilderness and have a small fire in the van, at speed, in a place that literally defines the meaning of the middle of nowhere!

The W Trek – Five days of unsupported trekking in the most extreme weather that we’ve ever experienced.

Ushuaia – One week in an interesting town that is the proud capital of the region that officially (in Argentina) includes the Falkland Isles.

Antarctica – This needs no explanation but camping on Antarctica, kayaking, mountaineering and a surprise BBQ were some of the highlights.

And finally we’ll have posts on our last three weeks of adventures in Buenos Aires, Iguazu falls and Uruguay!

Hopefully you’ve also noticed that this website has a new, more modern design and looks totally different on mobile devices. It was a little overdue as although I’ve made the odd tweak in the last few years it has been essentially unchanged since 2011. I’ve also recently noticed a few intermittent problems with pictures not loading so I’ve changed my caching provider which should fix most if the issues and hopefully will make the whole site load faster for you.

If you like/don’t like it or have spotted something that looks odd or broken please let me know in the comments below as it’s not been easy to thoroughly test the new design on a dodgy WiFi connection in Uruguay!

That’s all from us for now. We hope you have enjoyed reading our posts so far and keep coming back while we publish the last few!

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