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I have just put up 6 new galleries containing over 100 photos taken over the last couple of weeks. For some odd reason the photos have uploaded in reverse order so you may want to start from the second page of each gallery (if present) and work backwards! Since they appear to the right of this in alphabetical order rather than chronological order I have provided links below so you can view the galleries in the order that they were taken.

Hanoi & the Perfume Pagoda – Tom, Craig and I at the Perfume Pagoda and the surrounding days in Hanoi.
Sa Pa – Tom, Craig and I trekking in Sa Pa in the cold, mountainous north of Vietnam.
Ninh Binh – Tom, Craig and I head south from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, a small town with some local sights.
Hanoi with Alex – Alex’s first few days in Hanoi
The Demilitarised Zone – Alex and I take a diversion on our way down to Hue to visit the Demilitarised zone.
Hue – Alex and I in Hue (pronounced Hway with less emphasis on the H), the old Imperial walled citadel and beautiful city in central Vietnam.

The photos of the DMZ and Hue are ones that I haven’t talked about yet on the blog as I am still a couple of days behind but expect updates soon!

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