Off to Bangalore

So I’m sitting at gate 20 in Heathrow terminal 4 at the crack of dawn waiting for a flight to Paris. The gate isn’t open yet and won’t be another 10 mind yet there is a queue forming in front of the desk. Why are these people in such a hurry to get on a plane? Do they think the seating is unreserved? (its not). Do they think they’ll get the Paris faster by standing 10 meters closer to the gate that my semi-comfy chair? These both seem unlikely, maybe they’ve realised that they’ll be sitting down for the next hour or so and they’re enjoying their last few minutes of Standing freedom.

I’m now on the plane I managed to get an emergency exit seat so I have about 2m of leg room but no window. Sounds like a fair compromise to me.

Think I better send this and turn off my phone. The cabin attendant just decided to remove my laptop bag from the overhead locker, drop it on the seat then move it somewhere. I said don’t worry its just my laptop but I don’t think it crossed the language barrier.

I’ll return later and explain the title of this post!

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