Joshua Radin at Shepherds Bush Empire – with a surprise appearance by Zach Braff

So I’ve just returned from a Joshua Radin gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. To be honest I’ve never seen him live before and was slightly concerned that we might all be compelled to slit our wrists well before the encore. I was pleasantly surprised. The set was a great mix of some newer more upbeat stuff and as Joshua himself described it “the soundtrack to your suicide”. To be honest I know the older stuff much better and his performance was perfect. I’ve never been to a gig where the artist spends so much time talking between songs but to be honest I guess many of them don’t have a lot to say. Joshua Radin was actually interesting to listen to and came across as a regular guy who’d come to play us some music.

So just before Joshua Radin came on stage I was just telling Alex that my good friend Olly went to one of his gigs in New York and saw Zach Braff. She looked up and there he was up on the balcony at the front directly above and behind us less than 10m away. He’d been keeping a fairly low profile in a flat cap but moments later everyone spotted him and he eventually took it off and waved at everone below. Later on in the evening at a quiet point Zach shouted “I love you” and Joshua responded “That’s very manly Zach”. Joshua Radin eventually introduced him near the end and explained he was over in London for his birthday.

Anyway a great evening made even more memorable!